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Wed Apr 11 19:01:32 CEST 2001

>>>>> "CH" == Christian Hennig <fm3a004 at math.uni-hamburg.de> writes:

    CH> Dear Tony, unfortunately ESS and R are kept by our system
    CH> administrator and I think that I do not possess the rights to
    CH> change essd-r.el and .Renviron.  I am sure that the
    CH> administrator would change these files once for me, but this
    CH> is no solution if I (and others) do not always want to have
    CH> the same options. So isn't there any possibility from inside
    CH> emacs or R to change vsize and nsize?

>From R, the .Renviron file will do what you want, and read the R FAQ
for details, or the help files which came with R.   

I would strongly suggest upgrading to R 1.2.2, which no longer needs
to set the explicit memory limits.

>From ESS, there is an example of how to set it in the file essa-r.el
in the distribution:

;; you can invoke ESS/R from emacs by typing
;;      C-u M-x essr
;; with vsize set to (for example) 40M, and nsize set to 600000.
(defalias 'essr
     "C-u M-x R RET - - vsize SPC 40M SPC - - nsize SPC 600000 2*RET"))
;; "SPC" must be "=" in future versions of R (works from 0.99 on)

And then 
        M-x essr 
does what you want.

Neither solution is ideal, but both work acceptably.


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