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Wed Apr 11 18:37:16 CEST 2001

>>>>> "CH" == Christian Hennig <fm3a004 at math.uni-hamburg.de> writes:

    CH> Dear list, I use R 1.1.1 with ESS. I want to start R --vsize
    CH> 20M --nsize 500K
    >> From inside ESS using M-x R.
    CH> I understand the ESS manual so that I have to (setq
    CH> inferior-R-args "--vsize 20M --nsize 500K").

    CH> Indeed, inferior-R-args changes successfully, but, however,
    CH> the next command M-x R does not give more memory to R. Why?

Because the right place to make that change would be in the essd-r.el
file.  I believe that the current best solution is to redefine R, and
I thought we'd given an example somewhere of how to do that.  

However, another solution would be to put the settings in the
".Renviron" file?

This is another problem in the way that we currently initialize


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