Install directions for W2K

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Tue Oct 24 03:28:14 CEST 2000

get ESS-5.1.18.  The installation directions for WINDOWS have undergone
major revision in this release.  See the files

README   (go to the section beginning with
   For Microsoft Windows installation, please follow the next steps:

See also the files doc/SPLUS4WIN for S-Plus and R, and the file README.SAS
for SAS.  

Specifically get 5.1.18 as the installation documentation has been greatly
improved in this release.

We also inserted a small glitch for SAS users.  SAS users will need the fix:
 >The temporary fix is to add the line
 >  (define-key sas-mode-local-map "_" nil)
 >to your .emacs (or _emacs) file immediately after the line
 >in which you load ess-site.el
 >This glitch will be fixed in 5.1.19 and the temporary line in .emacs
 >will no longer be needed.

To get ESS from emacs

C-x d /anonymous at

move the cursor to ESS-5.1.18.tar.gz or
and enter C to copy it to your machine.  The two packagings are identical
except for the packaging format.

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