Rich Heiberger rmh at
Fri Oct 13 19:44:15 CEST 2000

This bug was detected in August and, we apologize, has not yet been fixed.

The work-around is to change one line in ess-inf.el.  Here are my notes
from august:
> A side effect of an unrelated bug fix broke M-x SAS.  It will take a few days
> to disentangle this.
> I think the following temporary repair MAY work for repairing M-x SAS.
> I am not testing it.  It will undo the XLS fix.
> ess-inf.el
> <      (if ess-start-args (setq inferior-ess-start-args ess-start-args)
> <       (setq inferior-ess-start-args "")) ;; AJR: Errors with XLS?
> ess-inf.el: previous version
> >      (if ess-start-args (setq inferior-ess-start-args ess-start-args))

5.1.17 is now out and does not fix this bug.  I am now hoping we get it for

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