Interruption of a running job

Paul Y. Peng ypeng at
Tue May 16 20:11:57 CEST 2000

Rich Heiberger wrote:
> I agree that it is unfortunate that the Windows version of S-Plus
> does not behave the same as the Unix version.
> If I read you correctly, you are killing the entire buffer, not just
> the executable program in Sqpe.  If you just kill the job, and leave
> the buffer active, then you will not have to regenerate the output.
> You can do this with the Signals/QUIT or Signals/KILL menu.
> Then you can restart S-Plus with another M-x Sqpe+4 in the same buffer.

No. For Win98 and S-PLUS2000, C-c C-c just kills the process and
leaves the buffer there. When there is no much text in this buffer,
I can quickly restart Sqpe with M-x Sqpe+4 in the same buffer.
Otherwise, there is message saying something "fontifying ..." and
it takes time before I can see "> " again.

> Other strategies you could use include using the sink() command to put
> the output in a file.  Then it won't clutter your screen, it will
> appear to execute faster because you don't have to wait for the output
> to be displayed on the screen, and you will be able to study it (or
> edit it) later.  If you are running bash, you can get see it as it
> happens with sink() by using tail -f.
> 1. In a *shell* buffer (running bash, not MSDOS), enter
>         tail -f myoutput.file
> 2. split the screen and in the *S+4* buffer (running M-x Sqpe+4)
> enter
>         options(echo=T)
>         sink("myoutput.file")
>         1:3000   ## or some useful command
> The output will appear in the *shell* buffer as it is created.
> The *S+4* buffer will be small.  You can kill the tail process and
> not hurt the S+4 process or the output file.

This is a great idea. I tried it and it works just fine. It
partially solve my question by being able to quickly restart
S-PLUS again. Thank you Rich for the prompt help.

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