Configuring ESS with NTEmacs

Marc R. Feldesman feldesmanm at
Tue May 9 05:06:10 CEST 2000

I continue to be plagued by getting ESS 5.1.13 and NTEmacs (20.6) to 
communicate with each other.  I have an .emacs file with the following 
(only) line in it:

(load-file "F:/emacs/ess/lisp/ess-site.el")

I'm running NT 4 (Workstation) with SP5 installed.  If I place the .emacs 
file in my $windir$\profiles\Marc (my login profile) NTEmacs won't find or 
load it.  On the other hand, if I place the .emacs in the root directory of 
the C:\ drive, NTEmacs finds it without difficulty and loads ESS.  But even 
after it loads ESS, it still can't find the Rgui or Sqpe files even though 
the autoexec.bat file has paths to both.

I suppose my problems are actually with NTEmacs and not with ESS, although 
I'm not exactly certain at this point having never successfully used either.

Questions:  1.  Since I don't want a global profile to be set for NTEmacs, 
how do I force it to look in *my* user profile for the .emacs file rather 
than in the root directory for the entire workstation?

2.  What does ESS want or need to be able to find the RGui or Sqpe files 
correctly?  It doesn't seem to be impressed by the fact that I have a path 
to both specified in my autoexec.bat file.  Does the path need to be set 
more explicitly in the .emacs file?


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