Using emacs/R/ESS under Windows

Rich Heiberger rmh at
Fri Jan 21 21:18:54 CET 2000

The current NTemacs for Windows 95/98/NT is 20.5.1

I have my complete set of instructions available on
This includes links to emacs, latex, bash, ghostscript/ghostview, ESS,
and other things I use.  Taken together, this makes the PC look very much like
Unix (although without file security).

My page is from August 1999 and is therefore slightly outdated.
Addresses are correct, versions not.  The pointers in the emacs.install file
are to 20.4.1, but 20.5.1 came out in December.  I point to ESS 5.1.8, but as
Tony indicated 5.1.11 is current.  The major caution on ESS is don't install it,
just put it in the right place and start using.  The ESS installation makefile
is designed for Unix and uses software not automatically available in Windows.
Also read the file doc/README.SPLUS4WIN (it is general and covers much of
what you need to know about R).  Start R with M-x R.

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