Using emacs/R/ESS under Windows

Douglas Bates bates at
Fri Jan 21 20:14:28 CET 2000

rossini at (A.J. Rossini) writes:

> >>>>> "DB" == Douglas Bates <bates at> writes:
>     DB> I am using R for the computing in the Statistics classes that
>     DB> I teach.  I do not use Windows much myself but several of my
>     DB> students do.  I would like to encourage them to use ESS.
>     DB> Could someone please indicate
>     DB> - which version of emacs to use?  where to obtain it?
> sigh... I'm assuming Windows 98.
> NTEmacs is somewhat merged with the regular distribution -- there are
> binaries (20.4 was the last available when I looked before xmas) 

Ahem - where did you say I should look for it?  A search
showed up
Is that the best place to start?
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