[ESS-bugs] (no subject)

Rich Heiberger rmh at surfer.sbm.temple.edu
Thu Oct 30 19:34:58 CET 2003

Your solution works but it doesn't look right.  I think the problem is in your
emacs setup, not in your ESS.

Your email suggests you are on a linux system, therefore the
ess-microsoft-p variable should be nil and never set the 
default-process-coding-system to undecided-dos.

My first guess as to an appropriate solution is to ask you to put the line

  (setq default-process-coding-system '(iso-latin-1-unix . iso-latin-1-unix))

into your .emacs file.  This change of coding system is appropriate
for any process you run inside an emacs buffer, not just for ESS

Then restore essd-r.el to the distribution file.  Our intent is that you
(or any user) should never touch any of the ess*.el files except for


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