Hi, I would like to know if a package already available on BioC can do this: I have data from multiple series of micrarrays coming from different experiments dealing with different tissus (different questions and projects but all on Affy U133A) etc... I would like to know more about one gene and the genes that are "linked" to this one. What I do is 2D hierarchical clustering (samples/genes) for each experiment/project, and look at which genes are close to mine and look with Venn D through all projects what are the common genes close to the one I m interested in. Is there a way/package that could "run" some kind of hierarchical clustering adding a third dimension (regarding the Projects) so that we obtain some kind of a 3D hierarchica lclustering...integrating the variability accross the different projects (different tissus etc...). I would greatly appreciate any comment or help on this  Regards Philippe Guardiola, MD [[alternative HTML version deleted]]