[BioC] Limma design and contrast matrix question.

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Hi Dario!

Thank you for your reply. I am glad that I have a proper design matrix. I will try the 'Group1 -Group2 -Group3 + Control' contrasts.matrix. I am not very experienced with general linear models. So let me guess why that would be an appropriate contrast matrix, is it because the null hypothesis would be the mean of Group1 = mean Group2 + mean Group3 - mean Control?  So if I am interested in comparing Group2 to Control, I should have included 'Group2 + Control' in the contrasts.matrix

I really appreciate your help.

Thank you again!



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Your design matrix is correct in the group means style. It is not the only correct way to do it, though.

How you tested for the interaction effect of the two treatments is wrong. The contrast should be Group1 - Group2 - Group3 + Control. I also don't think your Group1 - Control, Group3 - Group1 and Group2 - Group1 contrasts are meaningful.

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