[BioC] Statistics questions regarding the use of Ambion ExFold ERCC standards with Affmetrix ST arrays.

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I am processing some data collected with GeneChip Mouse Gene 2.0 ST arrays.   I am using the Ambion ExFold ERCC controls (Life Technologies 4456739) These are "spike in" controls consisting of two 'mixes' with the same set of RNA sequences, 92 total, that span 10^6 fold in concentration, furthermore, the difference in concentration between the two 'mixes' is well defined.

I have processed the data using the bioconductor package vsn, using the protocol normalization with "spike-in" controls. I have pulled out the normalized intensities out for the ERCC probes from both groups across my samples 3 treatments and 1 wild-type. When I graph 2 log concentration versus 2 log intensity, I get a sigmoid curve, with a linear region between a 2 log intensity of 6.5 to 10.5. Is it correct to assume that this is the 'dynamic range' of the GeneChip for my experiment? If I have data that is within this range, what would be the most statistically (and scientifically) satisfying statistics that I should obtain (and relate) from the dispersion of the controls to make inference about my data?

Additionally from the data there is an expected fold-change between 'mixes' which can be compared to the fold change obtained from data processing using the average intensity across all samples. In my case what I see is that an expected 2 fold change, is seen as 1.1 fold change. What would be the best way to use this information to make inference?

Is there a forum like Stack Exchange biology or biostars that bioconductor list patrons prefer? The reason why I am asking is I because I have graphs which are easier to post in page rather than in list format.

Any feedback or commentary is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!



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