[BioC] Dexseq package: dexseq_count error message and warnings

Simon Anders anders at embl.de
Sat Nov 9 14:34:33 CET 2013


On 09/11/13 07:08, capricy gao wrote:
> The problem is our server updates R once a year, I think.
> How does it affect the results?

Well, without the '-r' option you cannot switch of gene aggregation, 
which may be inconvenient. Also, you may encounter bugs which have 
already been fixed.

Bioinformatics is a fast moving field, and you have to do an effort to 
stay up to date and make sure you always work with current versions of 
tools. Specifically, for the Bioconductor project, it is strongly 
advised to not work with an outdated R version.

Better talk to your sysadmin and ask him/her to update R more frequently.


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