[BioC] Unable to load xps...

cstrato cstrato at aon.at
Thu Nov 7 15:20:02 CET 2013

Dear Bas,

I am glad to hear that you succeeded in compiling ROOT and xps. The 
warnings are ok, the compiler settings on Mac result in much more 
warnings than on Linux or Windows, see:

I do not know why you need to type 'root.exe' on the Mac (as far as I 
remember, this happened to me long time ago but I am not sure why):
Did you run '. bin/thisroot.sh' after 'make'?

I hope that you can now run xps w/o problems, otherwise I would 
recommend to use root_v5.34.05, which I have tested and is known to work 
for many Mac users. (I did have problems with a later version of root on 
my Mac, but I did not yet test v5.34.11)

Best regards,

On 11/7/13 1:19 PM, Bas Jansen wrote:
> Dear Christian,
> I have now installed ROOT from source (v5.34.11), and so far so good.
> The one thing that kind of struck me is that, when installing xps from
> source:
>  > source("http://www.bioconductor.org/biocLite.R")
>  > biocLite("xps", type = "source")
> a lengthy list of warnings flew by. In the end though, it seemed to be
> installed just fine. Does that sound OK?
> Besides, after installing ROOT from source (git kept giving me
> headaches, strangely enough) I can only test it from Terminal line using
> the command 'root.exe' and not 'root'. Not that it seems to matter to
> what I want, but the behavior is not in line with what is written in the
> various help forums and User Guides. Anyway, thanks for your help so far.
> Kind regards,
> Bas

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