[BioC] GEOquery install problem with openSUSE 11.4 and R 2.15

Bartlett, Thomas thomas.bartlett.10 at ucl.ac.uk
Tue May 29 20:42:16 CEST 2012


I'm using openSUSE 11.4 (x86_64) with R version 2.15.0 (2012-03-30). I'm trying to install GEOquery, but get the following error message:

ERROR: configuration failed for package ‘XML’
* removing ‘/usr/lib64/R/library/XML’
ERROR: dependency ‘XML’ is not available for package ‘GEOquery’
* removing ‘/usr/lib64/R/library/GEOquery’

N.B., I can only install extra programs/packages etc via the 'sudo zypper install' command, due to computer restrictions in my institute

Any help on how to resolve this problem would be very much appreciated!

Best regards,

Tom Bartlett

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