[BioC] how to map Affymetrix ID to ensemble gene ID

wang peter wng.peter at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 23:29:13 CET 2012

dear Nicolas Delhomme:
        thx for your teaching. i donot want to argue with you. but
if i do, i would u like to argue with a person i respect a lot.
        so i do a little argue with u. first i am not peter, please see
my name is shan gao.  second, my quesiton is very clear and
concise. third, my case is special, it is pig genome. i donot think
i can use getBM() function using "filters" and "attributes" (look at
the listAttributes and listFilters function) to finish my work. how
can you
and other people think i am not familiar with the Biomart package.
i can use it very well, but it cannot solve my problem.
        and if all the people must read and solve the problem by themselves.
why did they build this forum and mailling list?
        if somebody did the same work and others will do, that is really
WASTE of time.

thank  you
shan gao

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