[BioC] Copy Number Analysis for Mapreduce

My Coyne mcoyne at boninc.com
Sat Mar 17 17:54:35 CET 2012

I'm in search of copy number analysis implementation that would fit for Hadoop/Mapreduce paradigm; I appreciate if anyone has used/experienced with copy number analysis that can be 
used with Hadoop/Mapreduce and point me to those. 

Hadoop is a software framework on Linux that allows for large scale distributed data analysis. Hadoop uses MapReduce paradigm to implement its fault tolerant distributed computing 
system over large datasets on cluster's distributed file system.  In Mapreduce paradigm there are separate Map and Reduce steps, each step is done in parallel; hence program execution is 
divided into a Map and a Reduce stage.  For such reason, I am looking for Copy Number Analyssis Algorithm fits into the MapReduce paradigm.  


My Coyne

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