[BioC] error in using random forest

Naomi Altman naomi at stat.psu.edu
Tue Mar 6 19:09:40 CET 2012

Do you have sample ids?  These could be the offending variables.


At 11:28 AM 3/6/2012, Martin Morgan wrote:
>On 03/06/2012 08:17 AM, Salwa Eid wrote:
>>Hello everyone,     I have tried using random forest as classifier 
>>for two classes.  My data consists of 58 samples and each one of 
>>them belongs one of the two classes.  When I tried runnng the 
>>random forest for the 58 samples, it gave me the followng error: 
>>Error in randomForest.default(m,y,...):  Can not handle categorical 
>>predctors wth more than 32 categories. Although I have only 2 
>>classes only.  When i tried running it on 32 or less samples, it 
>>worked but when  increased the samples, gave me this error.   I 
>>thought maybe there is a limitations to the input data but the iris 
>>example has 150 samples and it works just fine.   Any help? 
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>likely your data is not formatted correctly, perhaps confusing 
>factor and level. But without a reproducible example it is hard to help. Martin
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