[BioC] how edgeR control the outliers?

Simon Anders anders at embl.de
Fri Jan 27 07:51:49 CET 2012

Dear Yuan

On 2012-01-27 06:19, Yuan Tian wrote:
> I use edgeR for differential expression analysis on a RNAseq dataset.
> But I found that edgeR is very sensitive to outlier samples. For
> example, for one gene, overall the expression pattern is similar
> between control group and experimental group, but there is one single
> sample which behaves very differently from the others, then this gene
> is very likely to be falsely detected as differentially expressed. So
> Or is there any other RNAseq DE analysis package which is less
> sensitive to outliers?

You may want to give our DESeq package a try, as we made some major 
changes in the previous release to address precisely this issue.


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