[BioC] DEXseq: fitDispersionFunction error

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Fri Feb 17 16:25:47 CET 2012

Hi Elena,

On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 10:11 AM, Elena Sorokin <sorokin at wisc.edu> wrote:
> Dear Alejandro,
> I can't seem to find the development version that you were talking about. I
> am running the version available for BioC 2.9:
> http://watson.nci.nih.gov/bioc_mirror/packages/2.9/bioc/html/DEXSeq.html
> ...Could you tell me where to download v 1.1.6 of your software?

The *-devel biocundoctor packages can be found here:

Officially speaking, in order to run these, you should also be using
the "-devel" version of R, ie. snapshots of R from current SVN. Calls
to biocLite will then fetch from the bioc devel repo.

Unofficially, you can hack around this by installing this by hand, but
you'd be asking for trouble.

Depending on the type of system (mac/linux/win), installing a working
version of R-devel can be super easy (or less so). For instance, on a
mac, you can get an installer for R-devel here:


Other people can suggest how to do so for other systems ...


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