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> Hello sir,
Hello madam,

>   I am new on R language,i tried hard but can't handle the lightcycler-480
> data with HtqPCR package,
> sir pls send me script for lightcycler-480 data.

I'm afraid there aren't any ready-to-go scripts available for each
individual qPCR plaform, apart from the examples given in the vignette.
The general workflow outlined in the vignette will be more or less
identical for data arising from different qPCR platforms. The most common
input formats are handled via readCtData, in your case e.g.
readCtData(..., format="LightCycler").

Did you have a look at the vignette already, in particular section 13.2?


Could you perhaps be more specific about where/when your problems arise?

> can i only use one file instead of 6 differ files.

Yes. As mentioned in the help file for readCtData, you just need to set
n.data=6. NB: this assumes that the format of each of your 6 assays is the
same, i.e. same number and ordering of rows for all 6 data sets.


> thanking you
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