[BioC] Mapping genomic coordinates to transcript coordinates? (revived)

Cook, Malcolm MEC at stowers.org
Fri Mar 4 20:02:23 CET 2011

> > Hi Chris, Malcolm,


All good news, Herve, thanks for the history and status and plans....

> > Here in Seattle we didn't work on this yet because of lack 
> of time and 
> > also because there was apparently no demand for it so far. For now, 
> > I'm just going to move transcriptLocs2refLocs() to 
> GenomicFeatures so 
> > it's more visible and it will also make it easier for someone 
> > interested to contribute.
> > 
> > H.
> Seems to be the way things are implemented in any OS project, 
> someone has an itch to scratch.

... I'm likely to scratch it myself soon.... though not in C

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