[BioC] question on SPIA pavkage application

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Hi Jing,

I'm not sure how you got from here:

>[1]  4.80  3.27  2.65  2.63  3.03 -3.41

which look like log2 fold changes to me, to here, a character vector:

>[1] "11535" "20525" "11839" "15277" "11910" "18639"

However, that seems to be the problem.  In the error message is clearly says that you need "a vector of log2 fold changes", not a character vector.  


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Thank You so much for all of you.

I tried and it works on previous problem.

Now I am having another problem. I am so sorry for not being able to solve problems myself. Can somebody advise me?

Here is the R to follow SPIA package:




>x$ENTREZ=toTable(mgu74av2ENTREZID)[match(x$ID,toTable(mgu74av2ENTREZID)[, 1]), 2]






[1]  4.80  3.27  2.65  2.63  3.03 -3.41

At this step: I should received a outcome like this:

     11535  20525   11839  15277   11910    18639

[1]  4.80   3.27    2.65    2.63    3.03    -3.41



[1] "11535" "20525" "11839" "15277" "11910" "18639"


Error in spia(de = WThypo, all = WThypo1, organism = "mmu", nB = 2000,  :

  de must be a vector of log2 fold changes. The names of de should be included in the refference array!

I am not sure what I did wrong. I didn't have issue with this procedure before.

Many Many Thanks

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