[BioC] loading AB OpenArray qPCR data in HTqPCR

Heidi Dvinge heidi at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Aug 23 14:53:21 CEST 2011

Hi Guido,

> Dear Heidi & list,
> I was given the output from an miRNA screening experiment performed on the
> mouse TaqMan OpenArray microRNA panel from Applied Biosystems (formerly
> Biotrove). This is a microfluidic card / slide, on which 3 samples can be
> simultaneously screened for mouse miRNAs.
> https://products.appliedbiosystems.com/ab/en/US/adirect/ab?cmd=catNavigate2&catID=608441&tab=DetailInfo
> Since I have understood HTqPCR is compatible with most Applied output
> files, and i read in the vignette that Fluidigm microfluidics data can be
> imported in HTqPCR, I wondered whether HTqPCR also could be used to import
> and analyse OpenArray datasets, or whether you (or someone else) could
> recommend another package for processing.
> I do have data available in *.ncx format (also exported as .csv), but i
> have to admit i don't fully understand the content of all columns...
I haven't come across OpenArray data sets before, so there's no default
way for loading them into HTqPCR. However, in principle all that's
required is a qPCR probe or gene ID and a corresponding Ct value, in some
format that can be read by R (such as comma or tab separated values).

I'll be fixing some issues in HTqPCR soon in advance of the coming
Bioconductor October release. Hence, if there's any other requests for
additions to HTqPCR I might as well do that as the same time. In order to
add new input data formats I need someone willing to let me have some test
data tho'. This can of course be anonymised/randomised as desired.


> Regards,
> Guido
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