[BioC] Post-doctoral research fellowships in bioinformatics, Vienna, Austria and/or Brno, Czech Republic, 3-5 years

Dr. D. P. Kreil (Boku) David.Kreil at boku.ac.at
Thu Aug 4 15:27:09 CEST 2011

Dear List members,

We are advertising two post-doctoral research fellowships and would be
grateful if you could share this announcement with friend and
colleagues who might be interested!

Our research group focusses on the challenge of extracting structured
insight from genome-scale experiments. We are looking for outstanding
scientists excited about

A) integrated approaches for the analysis of heterogeneous data,
including gene transcript and protein expression and phosphorylation,
with applications to host-parasite interactions in fungal biocontrol.
Applicants should have experience in at least one of these three
1) Classical or probabilistic analysis of DNA or protein sequences,
2) Integration of bioinformatics databases and analysis tools,
3) Analysis / interpretation of microarray data (CRAN/Bioconductor).
See www.bioinf.boku.ac.at/job1.php

B) analysis close to the wet-lab in both Vienna and the labs of our
partners in Brno (www.ceitec.eu), including principled experimental
design and both low-level modelling of gene expression signal
responses from microarray and NGS/RNA-Seq platforms, as well as data
fusion in the interpretation of wet-lab experiments. Applicants should
have demonstrated experience in bioinformatics research through
systems and data integration involving at least one of these areas:
1) Applied bioinformatics (sequence analysis, data mining, ...)
2) Classical statistics, probabilistic modelling, or machine learning
(R-CRAN and/or MatLab)
Evidence of close collaboration with experimental labs is a clear advantage.
See www.bioinf.boku.ac.at/job3.php

We offer internationally competitive conditions and benefits. The
positions are available immediately and have an initial tenure of
three/five years.

With best regards,

Dr David Philip Kreil
Chair of Bioinformatics
Boku University Vienna

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