[BioC] error in gene2pathway results

Alberto Goldoni alberto.goldoni1975 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 17:53:40 CEST 2010

HI to everybody,
i'm using the "gene2pathway" package but i'm not able to obtain something right.

i'm using gene2pathway.signaltrans in order to predict a gene's
membership to a KEGG signaling pathway and/or pathway component via
the contained InterPro domains and in my case for the gene="19713",
that represent RET proto oncogene
But something is wrong as you can see down there....someone can help me?

> pred.comp = gene2pathway.signaltrans("19713", organism = "hsa")
Using KEGG information from SOAP service ...
Mapping to signal transduction pathway components via KEGG database ...
---> Information found for  0 genes
1  genes to predict
Retrieving information from InterPro database for organism ' hsa ' via
Ensembl ...
Checking attributes ... ok
Checking filters ... ok
Error in gene2pathway:::getInterProDomains(topredict, gene2Domains =
gene2Domains,  :
  No mapping Entrez gene ID -> InterPro found!

Best regards.

Dr. Alberto Goldoni
Bologna, Italy

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