[BioC] Heatmap: row labels & dendogram

Daniela danieladna at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 24 21:39:12 CET 2010

Hi Saroj,
Many thanks for your answer.
Your pdf idea works very well though it kicks out the key,
even when I write key=T.

Unfortuantely though, I cannot switch off the drawing
dendogram (though I want
the dendogram to be calculated and the genes to be ordered
accordingly). I get
following failure message:
Warning messages:
1: In plot.window(...) : "dendogram" is not a graphical parameter
2: In plot.xy(xy, type, ...) : "dendogram" is not a graphical parameter
3: In title(...) : "dendogram" is not a graphical parameter

Any ideas for these 2 issues?
Your ideas are very appreciated,

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