[BioC] Error: cannot allocate vector of size 13.7 Mb

Sean Davis seandavi at gmail.com
Wed Mar 24 11:12:28 CET 2010

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 1:59 AM, neeraj rana <kushrn at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi ,,
> i installed R.10.1 for windows in my sytem.I am analysing agilent one color
> array data by using package "Agi4x44preprocess".i got the follwoing error
> which i am facing the very first time.
>> CV.rep.probes(dd, "hgug4112a.db", foreground = "MeanSignal",raw.data =
> TRUE, writeR = FALSE, targets)
> Error: cannot allocate vector of size 13.7 Mb

Hi, Neeraj.

This means that you are out of memory.  See here:


as well as ?Memory, ?memory.limit, and ?memory.size.

> In addition: There were 24 warnings (use warnings() to see them)
> i got this error by using the package R.10.1 only,before i was using R.9.7.
> for same arrays but that time i didnt get this error.Why this is happening
> only in R.10.1 .

I assume this is R-2.10.1, but sessionInfo() output should always be
included in a post to the list, just to be sure.  This is not a
problem specific to the version of R but has to do with lack of memory
available to R itself.

Hope that helps,

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