[BioC] R/Maanova Tutorial

Wolfgang Huber whuber at embl.de
Mon Mar 15 22:08:00 CET 2010

Dear Ricardo

that is great. I was wondering whether you'd find it useful -- for 
simplifying the maintenance of your tutorial, and improving its 'look 
and feel' -- to use the R package and vignette technology.

Probably you don't want to stick the big "Illum_data_sample.txt" example 
data into the maanova package, so you could create a separate package 
"maanovatutorial" that contains the example data as well as the .Rnw 
file for the vignette, similar, say, to how it is done in the estrogen 
(see in particular the inst/extdata and inst/doc subdirectories of that 

	Best wishes

  Verdugo scripsit 13/03/10 18:46:
> Hello:
> I am at Gary Churchill's group where R/MAanova is developed and  
> maintained. After assisting numerous users with similar issues, I  
> though it would be better to write a self contained tutorial that  
> would walk newbies through a differential expression analysis using  
> contrasts.
> You can get the tutorial (data included) and see the expected results at
> http://churchill.jax.org/software/rmaanova/tutorials.shtml
> It is well documented, explained step by step.
> This is work in progress so comments are welcome. If other tutorials  
> would be useful, send an email to maanova at jax.org
> Regards,
> Ricardo Verdugo
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Ricardo A. Verdugo S., D.V.M. Ph.D.
> Postdoctoral Fellow
> Gary Churchill Group
> The Jackson Laboratory
> 600 Main Street,
> Bar Harbor, ME 04609
> ricardo.verdugo at jax.org
> +1-207-288-6715
> +1-207-288-6847 Fax
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Best wishes

Wolfgang Huber

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