[BioC] annotation in Ensembl using biomart

Jason Lu jasonlu68 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 11 17:06:52 CET 2010

Hi all,

I wonder whether I could help from this list. Sorry if this is a
duplicate question.

I get confused with the following mapping (by using the BioMart
website). They share the same ENSG. My purpose is to match ENSG to a
gene symbol.
Do you have any suggestion which one I should use?

Ensembl Gene ID Ensembl Transcript ID HGNC symbol HGNC curated gene name
ENSG00000008128 ENST00000401097 CDK11B CDC2L2
ENSG00000008128 ENST00000401097 CDK11A CDC2L2
ENSG00000008128 ENST00000401097 CDK11B CDC2L1
ENSG00000008128 ENST00000401097 CDK11A CDC2L1
ENSG00000008128 ENST00000341832 CDK11B CDC2L2
ENSG00000008128 ENST00000341832 CDK11A CDC2L2
ENSG00000008128 ENST00000341832 CDK11B CDC2L1
ENSG00000008128 ENST00000341832 CDK11A CDC2L1
ENSG00000008128 ENST00000407249 CDK11B CDC2L2
ENSG00000008128 ENST00000407249 CDK11A CDC2L2


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