[BioC] Using annotation maps as environments in packages

Antti Honkela antti.honkela at tkk.fi
Fri Mar 5 11:13:21 CET 2010

On Mar 4, 2010, at 19:51 , Hervé Pagès wrote:

Hi Hervé,

> I think you need to put a NAMESPACE to your package (you probably
> already have one) and import the AnnotationDbi package. This is done
> by putting AnnotationDbi in the Imports field of your DESCRIPTION
> file and by adding the import(AnnotationDbi) directive to your
> NAMESPACE file. Also you need to do the same for the methods
> package (put it preferably first i.e. before AnnotationDbi).

Thanks, that solved the problem!

It might be useful if you could add a note of this to the AnnDbBimap- 
envirAPI help page as well.


Antti Honkela
Antti.Honkela at tkk.fi   -   http://www.cis.hut.fi/ahonkela/

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