[BioC] Xlaevis probe sequence file for gcRMA not found.

Naoki Irie asurain at cdb.riken.jp
Thu Mar 4 08:07:22 CET 2010

hello there,

As R could not find "xlaevis2probe" in Bioconductor repository, I could not 
finish my Affymetrix GeneChip analysis by gcRMA.
The file does not seem to exist neither on the repository, nor the bioconductor.org website.

But the original affymetrix probe sequence file itself was available from affymetrix website.

Does anyone know how to make the Probe sequence data for microarrays of type xenopuslaevis 2 ?

Thank you


error message was as follows:

[1] "Environment xlaevis2probe was not found in the Bioconductor repository."
Error in  get(probepackagename) : 
   variable 'xlaevis2probe' was not found.

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