[BioC] Porting RWebServices from Axis1 to Axis2

Michael Dondrup Michael.Dondrup at uni.no
Mon Mar 1 10:00:47 CET 2010


I  have just  followed the instructions in "Enabling R packages for web or grid services"  to the point 
where I can build and deploy  a service. Until here it worked without too many glitches on MacOS.
Then I discovered that RWebServices uses Apache Axis1 and not Axis2 as I had erroneously assumed.
However, all my other web-services use Apache Axis2 and I have some problems with installing/deploying Axis1 
apart from that it is sort of legacy software. 
So here is my question: 
Is there a plan to migrate RWebServices to Axis2? 

If not I will try to make an attempt myself. Could someone eventually point me to the files that require changes? 
As far as I can see, all Axis specific code is in the ant files and the code generated by axis tools. 
Is that correct?

Thank you

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