[BioC] snapCGH - could not find function "readPositionalInfo"

Kristian Almstrup kristian at almstrup.net
Fri Oct 23 13:01:35 CEST 2009

Installed snapCGH and loads without any errors.
While using the readPositionalInfo I however get the error that the  
function could not be found. Other snapCGH functions seems to be  
Anyone that could help on that?

Error in read.table(file, sep = sep, header = T, quote = quote, as.is  
= TRUE,  :
   element 1 is empty; the part of the args list of 'is.character'  
being evaluated was:(file)
 > readPositionalInfo()
Error: could not find function "readPositionalInfo"

Also help(readPositionalInfo) also gives help for readPositionalInfo!

Macbook Pro R 2.9.2 GUI 1.29 Tiger build 32-bit (5464)


Kristian Almstrup

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