[BioC] Post-Doctoral research position at the Leibniz Institute of Arteriosclerosis Research at the University of Muenster

Christoph Preuss ch.preuss at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 13 16:54:03 CEST 2009

POST-DOCTORAL RESEARCH POSITION (TVL13 or TVL14 depending on experience)

The position is for 2 years to work in the Stoll group at the Leibniz
Institute of Arteriosclerosis Research at the University of Muenster.
The position will involve interacting mostly with the Stoll group but
also with collaborators at the Max Delbrueck Center for Molecular
Medicine (MDC) in Berlin-Buch, the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard,
The Human and Molecular Genetics Center in Milwaukee, and around the

The position will include working with data from Genome Wide
Association studies (GWAS) and other high-throughput data generated by
the in house Illumina Core facility (microarray data, next generation
sequencing data). The initial project is flexible, depending on the
candidate, but it must contribute to the analysis of genomic data
related to cardiovascular disorders, especially arteriosclerosis. We
expect this to lead to publications in high profile medical journals.
Many projects in the group relate to the interplay between genetic and
environmental factors in common complex diseases. [Nowak-Göttl U et
al.. Blood. 2009 Jun 10., Friedrichs et al., Genome Research 2009; The
MIGEN Consortium, Nature Genetics 2009] Other areas of potential
development also include: inclusion of functional information and
development of new statistical methods/algorithms for the analysis of
high-throughput data sets. A candidate may also bring their own
research interests to the group.

All applicants must possess a PhD, preferably in: statistics,
mathematics, systems biology, molecular biology or some related
subject. Statistics and computer skills are essential. Previous
experience on genomic high-throughput data analysis is a plus, but not
essential. What is important is an interest in molecular biology and
some previous experience working with biological data. We kindly ask
that applicants explain in their cover letter what interests them
about this position, and how their skills and expertise can
contribute. We invite applicants both from statistical or biological
backgrounds, but both must possess computer skills and an interest and
basic understanding of molecular biology. We expect all applicants to
have a good publication record; this will be one of the most important
criteria for selecting candidates for interview.

Please apply via E-mail to Monika Stoll
(monika.stoll at lifa-muenster.de) including a C.V. with publication list
and cover letter. Formal details of the position are available on

Gesellschaft für Arterioskleroseforschung e.V.
Leibniz-Institut für Arterioskleroseforschung an der Universität Münster (LIFA)
Domagkstr. 3, 48149 Münster, Germany
Sitz des Vereins : Münster
Vereinsregister : Amtsgericht Münster VR 1933
Vorstand : Wilfried Gleitze, Prof. Dr. Ursula Nelles, Dr. Stefan
Schwartze, Dr. Fritz Baur, Dr. Peter Paziorek

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