[BioC] Searching miRNA probe ids and annotating probe id lists

Michael Black mblack at virginia.edu
Wed Oct 7 17:02:26 CEST 2009

Hopefully a simple question.  A user ran a very simple experiment of a  
pair of Affy miRNA array (first miRNA run for our core facility).   
I've made a quick and dirty BioC cdf from the Affy cdf and ran the  
pair of chips through RankProd to pull out a list of up/down regulated  
probe ids.  But miRBase has no facility to batch search those probe  
ids, and neither does Affy's web site.  Am I just being dense and  
missing something, or is there a simple way to match Affy miRNA probe  
ids to miRBase accessions?  Or should I just be parsing out the  
genomic coordinate information from the Affy CSV annotations directly  

This is my first ever exposure to miRNA array data, so any direction  
on how to go from probe id's to annotated genomic data as simply as  
possible would be appreciated.

Michael B. Black, Ph.D.
Bioinformatics Computing Support
University of Virginia
ITC-Academic Computing Health Sciences
mblack at virginia.edu

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