[BioC] Time-point analysis

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You can find in the Bioconductor the maSigPro package which is specially
designed for this purpose.
After fitting a model for each gene, you can make the queries you look for.
Take a look at the maSigPro documentation for details on the use of the


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Subject: [BioC] Time-point analysis

> I am comparing gene expression profile in animal model at different time
> Animals                                       Age
> WT                                             400
> Trans                                         400
> WT                                            700
> Trans                                         700
> WT                                            800
> Trans                                         800
> All experiments are perfomed with 3 biological replicates in each group
with Affy chips. I am
> looking for differentially expressed genes in each groups as well as
dynamics of gene profiles in
> all groups, e.g how genes A......Z  are expressed in all groups.
> What is the best way to analyse this type of experiments and which package
is suitable.
> Thanks in advance
> Narendra
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