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Hi Roger,

If you do not use a standard set of methods (e.g. rma or gcrma) then 
you will need to justify your choice to your publication 
audience.  So, I do not use these primary methods unless I have a 
compelling reason to do so.


At 05:55 PM 12/26/2007, Vallejo, Roger wrote:
>Dear R Users,
>In the expresso function, which combination of these methods for 
>data pre-processing (when using affymetrix oligo arrays) is the best:
>bgcorrect.metod = rma rma2 mas
>normalize.method = qspline quantiles loess
>pmcorrect.method = pmonly subtractmm mas
>summary.method = liwong avgdiff medianpolish mas
>There are many options within each method. I would appreciate a hint 
>on the best combination.
>Thank you very much in advance.
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