[BioC] [Fedora-r-devel-list] R-BioC rpm package

pingou pingoufc4 at yahoo.fr
Thu Dec 6 08:32:43 CET 2007

Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:
 > On Wed, 2007-12-05 at 19:47 -0800, D.Enrique ESCOBAR ESPINOZA wrote:
 >> hi,
 >> In an effort to help the biolinux community
 >> www.biolinux.org ,
 >> I put at your disposition
 >> R-BioC for R 2.5.x for fedora core 6.
 >> Comments for improvement will be welcome.
 >> It is not an official fedora rpm because fedora plans to support only
 >> R.
 >> Unfortunatly is the only fc6 rpm for now but they are more for
 >> previous fc
 > For example, Fedora already has R-abind.
 > I know that we have some active efforts in progress to package up all of
 > the BioConductor RPMS, anyone want to chime in with a status report?

Fedora supports only R ?
Below is an output of my yum list R-\*

They are not all on the fedora repo yet, but there is several review in 
progress and more to come.

You can see them all there
available for Fedora 7 and Fedora 8 in i386 and x86_64.

Would you like to be involved in this project (getting bioconductor on 
Fedora) ?
You can also have a look at these two pages :


Installed Packages
R.x86_64                                 2.6.1-1.fc8 installed
R-ACME.x86_64                            1.5.0-1.fc8 installed
R-ALL.noarch                             1.4.3-1.fc8 installed
R-AnnotationDbi.noarch                   1.1.6-1.fc8 installed
R-BSgenome.noarch                        1.7.0-1.fc8 installed
R-BSgenome.Celegans.UCSC.ce2.noarch      1.2.0-3.fc8 installed
R-BSgenome.Dmelanogaster.FlyBase.r51.noa 1.2.0-2.fc8 installed
R-Biobase.x86_64                         1.17.3-1.fc8 installed
R-Biostrings.x86_64                      2.7.2-1.fc8 installed
R-BufferedMatrix.x86_64                  1.3.0-1.fc8 installed
R-BufferedMatrix-devel.x86_64            1.3.0-1.fc8 installed
R-DBI.noarch                             0.2-1.fc8 installed
R-DynDoc.noarch                          1.17.0-1.fc8 installed
R-GO.noarch                              2.0.1-1.fc8 installed
R-KEGG.noarch                            2.0.1-1.fc8 installed
R-R2HTML.noarch                          1.58-1.fc8 installed
R-RColorBrewer.noarch                    1.0-1.fc8 installed
R-RSQLite.x86_64                         0.5-1.fc8 installed
R-RScaLAPACK.x86_64                      0.5.1-10.fc8.1 installed
R-RUnit.noarch                           0.4.17-1.fc8 installed
R-Rgraphviz.x86_64                       1.17.7-1.fc8 installed
R-SparseM.x86_64                         0.74-1.fc8 installed
R-XML.x86_64                             1.9-1.fc8 installed
R-abind.noarch                           1.1-1.fc8 installed
R-acepack.x86_64                         1.3-2.fc8.1 installed
R-affy.x86_64                            1.17.2-2.fc8 installed
R-affyPLM.x86_64                         1.15.0-1.fc8 installed
R-affyQCReport.noarch                    1.17.0-1.fc8 installed
R-affydata.noarch                        1.11.2-1.fc8 installed
R-affyio.x86_64                          1.7.2-1.fc8 installed
R-annaffy.noarch                         1.11.0-1.fc8 installed
R-annotate.noarch                        1.17.1-3.fc8 installed
R-devel.x86_64                           2.6.1-1.fc8 installed
R-fibroEset.noarch                       1.4.2-1.fc8 installed
R-gcrma.x86_64                           2.11.0-1.fc8 installed
R-genefilter.x86_64                      1.17.2-1.fc8 installed
R-geneplotter.noarch                     1.17.0-1.fc8 installed
R-graph.x86_64                           1.17.10-1.fc8 installed
R-hdf5.x86_64                            1.6.6-2.fc8 installed
R-hgu133a.noarch                         1.16.0-1.fc8 installed
R-hgu133acdf.noarch                      1.16.0-1.fc8 installed
R-hgu95aprobe.noarch                     1.16.4-1.fc8 installed
R-hgu95av2.noarch                        1.16.0-1.fc8 installed
R-hgu95av2.db.noarch                     2.0.2-1.fc8 installed
R-hgu95av2cdf.noarch                     1.16.0-1.fc8 installed
R-hgu95av2probe.noarch                   1.16.3-2.fc8 installed
R-hsahomology.noarch                     1.16.0-1.fc8 installed
R-hu6800.noarch                          1.16.0-1.fc8 installed
R-hu6800cdf.noarch                       1.16.0-1.fc8 installed
R-hu6800probe.noarch                     1.16.2-1.fc8 installed
R-limma.noarch                           2.13.1-1.fc8 installed
R-mAr.x86_64                             1.1-11.fc8 installed
R-maanova.x86_64                         1.4.0-3.fc8 installed
R-matchprobes.x86_64                     1.11.0-1.fc8 installed
R-multcomp.noarch                        0.992-3.fc8 installed
R-multtest.x86_64                        1.19.0-1.fc8 installed
R-mvtnorm.x86_64                         0.8-3.fc8 installed
R-pls.noarch                             2.0-4.fc8 installed
R-preprocessCore.x86_64                  1.1.0-2.fc8 installed
R-preprocessCore-devel.x86_64            1.1.0-2.fc8 installed
R-qvalue.noarch                          1.13.0-1.fc8 installed
R-rae230a.noarch                         1.16.0-2.fc8 installed
R-rae230aprobe.noarch                    1.16.2-2.fc8 installed
R-randomForest.x86_64                    4.5-1.fc8 installed
R-rlecuyer.x86_64                        0.1-3.fc8 installed
R-siggenes.noarch                        1.13.0-1.fc8 installed
R-simpleaffy.x86_64                      2.15.02-1.fc8 installed
R-simpleaffy-devel.x86_64                2.15.02-1.fc8 installed
R-systemfit.noarch                       0.8-6.fc8 installed
R-tkWidgets.noarch                       1.16.0-1.fc8 installed
R-vsn.x86_64                             3.3.6-1.fc8 installed
R-waveslim.x86_64                        1.6-4.fc8 installed
R-wavethresh.x86_64                      2.2-7.fc8 installed
R-widgetTools.noarch                     1.15.0-1.fc8 installed
R-xlahomology.noarch                     1.16.0-1.fc8 installed
R-xtable.noarch                          1.5-1.fc8 installed

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