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On 9/27/06, James Anderson <janderson_net at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>   This may be a generic question, not necessarily related to the usage of R and bioconductor. The question is: for microarray experiment, suppose I have 50 normal and 50 cancer samples. I want to find some sample outliers which may come from different resources due to:
> 1. Mislabelling, i.e, mislabel cancer into normal or normal into cancer

I think it is not an outlier problem but class noise problem. Google
class noise correction or removal instead and there are some work on
this topic.

> 2. Misbehavior, i.e, some normal samples are actually sick or have heart attack, although they don't have cancer.

If your problem is cancer vs non-cancer one, then again, they should
not be removed either, IMHO.

> Should I do gene selection or not before doing outlier removal? Sometimes I find some samples are identified as outliers using 200 genes, other samples will be identified as outliers if I use 50 or 20 genes. Normally in microarray experiment, what is the percentage of genes affected by treatment or unnormal conditions?
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>   James
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