[BioC] hyperGTest and ath1121501-continued

Tine Casneuf tineke.casneuf at ebi.ac.uk
Wed Nov 1 12:29:11 CET 2006

Dear Nianhua & list,

to continue the discussion on the hyperGTest and ath1121501 
As far as I understood, this function needs the ENTREZID variable of the 
studied environment, which in this case doesn't exist (~because we work 
with the AGI-IDs and not the entrezIDs):

 > hgOver <- hyperGTest(params)
Error in get(x, envir, mode, inherits) : variable "ath1121501ENTREZID" 
of mode "environment" was not found

Did I completely miss it and is there a way around this problem or 
should I look for another function, like Thomas Girke's GOHyperGAll?

Many thanks in advance,


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