[BioC] Golub (1999) Esets

Robert Gentleman rgentlem at fhcrc.org
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McGee, Monnie wrote:
> Dear List,
> I have been searching the Internet for CEL files for the Golub (1999) AML and ALL CEL files.  I am interested mostly in the training data (38 files - 27 ALL and 11 AML).  Are they publically available?

   The are not.

> Second, if they are not, and all we have is the golubEsets package, how were these data normalized & summarized to obtain the Eset?
> Is there any way to obtain the raw data in a Bioconductor-readable format (OK - as an AffyBatch) so that I can play around with different normalization algorithms on it?

   The data were/are on one of the sites for the Broad Institute (or 
Whitehead, as that was where Todd Golub was at the time) and were in the 
form provided in the golubEsets package (and that was what they used in 
their paper). You could try writing to the authors of the paper to see 
if CEL files are available, they would be very old (6800s, and may well 
have been the variety that were on four chips not one).

  best wishes

> Thanks,
> Monnie
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