[BioC] CATMA Metadata

Johannes Hanson S.J.Hanson at bio.uu.nl
Thu Feb 9 16:49:45 CET 2006

Dear everyone,

I am looking for metadata package for the Arabidopsis CATMA array (version
2). If anyone have started to assemble something based on that array please
respond to me directly to not bother the readers of the list that are not
interested in this specific array platform.

If this is message is sent to the wrong list I apologue and appreciate a
pointer on where to post it.

Dr. Johannes Hanson
Molecular Plant Physiology
Utrecht University
Padualaan 8
3584 CH Utrecht
The Netherlands 
Phone: +31 30 2533132
Fax: +31 30 2513655
e-mail: j.hanson at bio.uu.nl

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