[BioC] Drawing network graphs (i.e. nodes and edges)

Peter bioconductor-mailinglist at maubp.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Feb 2 17:42:48 CET 2006

Peter wrote:
 >> Does anyone know of any existing R (r-project) code/library/package
 >> for drawing graphs - the network variety consisting of nodes and
 >> edges (or points and lines/arrows)?
 >> e.g. Genes and interactions

Sean Davis wrote:
> Look at Rgraphviz in bioconductor--it does just this.

That looks like just the thing - thank you.

It occurred to me that there are probably a lot gems like this tucked 
away in the PDF vignettes.  I suspect that if they could be provided on 
the BioConductor webpage as normal HTML files, then Google and other 
search engines would be able to search them far more effectively - in 
particular for their images.

As one of R's strengths is graphics, it would make sense to make samples 
of its output as easy to find as possible - and for me that means Google 
Image search.

Anyway - Thanks again Sean,


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