[BioC] adding a package Vignette to the Vignettes menu when loading package

Ana Conesa aconesa at ivia.es
Wed Aug 31 02:52:18 CEST 2005

Dear all, 

I am building a R package and I would like to add a vigenette to it. 
I wrote my vignette in Sweave format and put it in the inst\doc subdirectory 
of my source package directory and when I run Rcmd build the pdf file is 
created correcly. I would like now to make the vignette availble for users in 
the menu Vignettes of the Windows Rgui. I have found the following code that 
does this:

if(.Platform$OS.type == "windows" && require(Biobase) && interactive() 
&& .Platform$GUI == "Rgui") {

This code works when I run it within a R session, but I would like that it is 
directly executed when I load my package. Which is the place to put this 
piece of code within the package (building process) to reach this 


Ana Conesa

Centro de Genómica
Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Agrarias

IVIA (http://www.ivia.es)
Open WebMail Project (http://openwebmail.org)
Debian Project (http://www.debian.org)

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