[BioC] bug in reposTools 1.4.11: missing getRversion

Ivo Kwee ivo.kwee at irb.unisi.ch
Tue Sep 7 22:07:28 CEST 2004

Guys, guys,

Can't believe this. Could get even passed the installation! There seemed 
to be a function missing in the new reposTools library which is needed 
for install BioC.

This shouldn't be possible. Installation script should really not fail....

This function:

getRversion <- function() {
    return(buildVersionNumber(strsplit(R.version.string,"( )|(,)")[[1]][3]))

I copied from 1.4.3 and copied it into .../R/versNums.R of version 1.4.11

Beeewww.... took me 2 hours to solve this bug.


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