[BioC] HGU95A and HGU95ACDF

S Peri biocperi at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 2 00:17:53 CEST 2004

Dear Group, 
  I am analyzing Huang, Y. et al. Thyroid cancer data.

In their PNAS paper they mentioned they used hgu95a
 I tried to find the CDF and annotation package for
this chip on bioconductor site. I found hgu95acdf CDF
file and I installed it in my R.1.9.0.  When I load
this library it gets loaded. However, when I try to
get LOCUSIDs I get :

> myids<-as.list(hgu95acdfLOCUSID)
Error in as.list(hgu95acdfLOCUSID) : Object
"hgu95acdfLOCUSID" not found

Also, I tried :

> myids<-(hgu95aLOCUSID)
Error: Object "hgu95aLOCUSID" not found

Could any one help me hgu95a and hgu95CDF are both the
same chip definition files.  Also, how can I get my
LOCUSID numbers from this chip that was used by Huang
et al.

Please help me thank you. 


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