[BioC] Problem with limma - psigamma?

Matthew Hannah Hannah at mpimp-golm.mpg.de
Mon Mar 22 11:30:16 CET 2004


I'm using R 1.9.0 and limma 1.5.6 (latest win32).

I ran the following commands and got this error. 

>files <- dir(pattern="*.spot")            
>RG <- read.maimages(files, source="spot") 
>RG$genes <- readGAL("GAL.tbl")
>RG$printer <- getLayout(RG$genes)
>MA <- normalizeWithinArrays(RG)
>MA <- normalizeBetweenArrays(MA)
>fit <- lmFit(MA, design=c(-1,1,-1))
>fit <- eBayes(fit)

Error in tetraGamma(y) : couldn't find function "psigamma"

Anyone able to help? Am I doing something wrong?


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