[BioC] Questions about exporting data out of R

James MacDonald jmacdon at med.umich.edu
Tue Mar 16 22:01:51 MET 2004

To 'catch' data, you have to assign them to a variable name.

my.pm.data <- pm(Data)

To export, see ?write.table

To combine rma expression values and mas5 flag calls you can either
cbind the two matrices and export together or export and then combine in
Excel or whatever you are using.

See ?cbind


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>>> "Lizhe Xu" <lxu at chnola-research.org> 03/16/04 1:17 PM >>>
I have two questions about exporting data out of R:

(1) how to catch and export the result of the following commond
I want to look at the original data of individual probe before any
modification (basically the data of PM probe in affy Cel file combined
with Probe ID)

(2) how to combine the data (rmaData) with the mas5 flag calls
(Dataflag) and export them together after using the following command
>Data <-ReadAffy()

Thank you very much.


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