[BioC] MOE430 A and B - bug?

Aedin aedin.culhane at ucd.ie
Tue Mar 16 18:25:59 MET 2004

I tried this, but the dev version of annaffy requires utils. So a half one
version, half the next doesn't work. So I might just download all the dev

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> This is when using version 1.5.0 of the moe430a metadata package. In a
> different machine with version 1.4.0 this works alright. annaffy version
> is 1.0.3 in both.

The problem appears to be that there was a difference between the 1.4.x
series of metadata packages and the 1.5.x series which breaks

Going back to an earlier message of mine about how we just recently split
the release/devel metadata packages, this was exactly the sort of problem
that caused that -> as our metadata packages change on a release cycle
that isn't the same as our software, if we are only offering one version
of the metadata, it might cause problems with previously released

The problem with the split/rollback a few days ago was that we had already
been offering the 1.5.0 packages for quite some time and did not want roll
back further to the 1.4.x series of packages.

One solution, if it is feasible for your needs, is to use the devel
versions of the packages (although in many cases this will require you to
be using R-1.9.0, currently in alpha stage -> although I believe that
annaffy does not have this restriction).  In the meantime, I will look
into the possibility of also providing the 1.4.x data packages.


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